Can I get everyone to REBLOG this please? I can’t imagine this ever happening to kids, especially at a place MEANT for them! Teens or a group of teens are doing this in playgrounds, please watch your child(ren) at all times! REBLOG PLEASE!

Saw this on Facebook just now

This is so screwed up. Everyone should signal boost.

Wtf is wrong with the teens of today?


Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With. Send me 3 names.


Hellooo!!! I’m doing summer commissions to earn money (this time they’re not free sorry) and practice drawing!

Contact me here:

How to pay:

With paypal! My account is

Things I do:







Things I don’t do:


  • Are animals additional characters?

No, if you want me to draw, for example, a half body sketch of someone playing with a cat it will still cost 5$

  • Do you draw body horror?

It depends, we’d have to talk about it.

  • How many time will it take?

I can’t tell, but, probably a week or two, or maybe I’ll have it done in one day.

  • But when do I  pay? 

Once you send me an e-mail or an ask here on tumblr, I’ll do a quick sketch of what you want and I’ll send it to you. That way you’ll know I’m actually working on it. If you like the sketch it’s your time to pay. Once I have the money, I’ll keep on working. 

I hope everything is clear!!! Also I’d like to ask you to reblog this even if you’re not interested ;v;


The good Lord better bless your soul
Cause I done already cursed your name
Don’t matter which way you go
Payback’s gonna come your way
You’ll be begging me please, please, please
And Imma look at you and laugh, laugh, laugh
While you sit there cry for me, cry for me, cry for me all night

I like this song, and I feel like they are the kind of people that would screw each other over in a heartbeat on petty things. IDK. Just a doodle strip with nothing to do with the comic.